Wuhan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
Address: 3, Yangang Road, Qingshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Postcode: 430083
Tel: 027-86807870; 027-86807873
Fax: 027-86807875
Website: www.wisco.com.cn/wggf

As a listed company held by WISCO, it has total assets of 73.3 billion Yuan. 
  So far, it has possessed the world’s most advanced and complete process flow for iron-making, steel-making, and steel rolling, and developed 700 product varieties in 177 series of 63 categories. In recent years, it has researched and developed more than 300 new varieties in 85 series with annual output exceeding two million tons and, at the same time, forged a number of high-quality name products focusing on the steel for “bridge, ship, pipe, case, vessel, military industry, electrical, silicon, automobile, rail, and wire”. Its cold-rolled silicon steel disc and steel plate for ship structure respectively win the honor of “famous products of China”; its 11 steel products for heavy rail, boiler, pressure vessel and so on are appraised as “name brands of Hubei Province”; its 40 steel products win the “Golden Cup Awards” for China’s metallurgical industry; its exported hot-rolled steel products win the “exemption of export inspection”; its ribbed bars win the “exemption of inspection” of China; its steel products for construction structure meet the environmental directives of CE and JIS requirements; its non-oriented silicon steel products pass the SGS hazard-free inspection and fully conform to the RoHS environmental directives of EU; its steel products for ship are approved by the classification societies of eight countries; its 100m heavy rail is qualified in the operation inspection of the Ministry of Railway, and; its steel cords win it the honor of best global supplier of French Michelin Group.