Iron & Steel Industries
Introduction to WISCO’s Iron and Steel Industries

Since 2005, WISCO has, by earnestly implementing the national policies on iron and steel industries as well as sharply seizing the opportunities, proposed and carried out the strategy of developing in central and southwest China, and took the lead of union and merger in China’s iron and steel industries. To date, it has took different models and realized the strategic restructuring of Hubei Ezhou Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Kunming Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., and Guangxi Liuzhou Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.; successfully accomplished the preliminary works for the Fangcheng Port iron and steel base project; basically developed its development framework in central and southwest China, and; remarkably optimized and layout and expanded the scale of its iron and steel industries. Therefore, it has not only promoted its own competitiveness, but also made great contribution to improve the industrial concentration, facilitate the structural adjustment and rational layout of China’s iron and steel industries, and boost the local economic growth.