Comprehensive utilization

(1) Coal chemical engineering: Wuhan Pingmei-WISCO Joint Coking Co., Ltd. not only produces coke products and coke-oven gas, but also produces nearly 30 sorts of coal chemical products including coking benzene, methylbenzene, and dimethyl benzene. Moreover, it has gradually engaged in the production of fine chemical products with high added value, and output the product series for benzene, naphthalene, asphalt, and anthracene, etc. 
(2) Industrial gas: WISCO Oxygen Co., Ltd. undertakes the production of oxygen, nitrogen, argon and compressed air needed for the Qingshan Plant Area. Besides, it has sold surplus gases and byproducts on international market. So far, it has become the largest production and sales base of liquid and air separation products in central and southern China, and even an influential production and sales base of rare gases in the world. It has sold 40 sorts of industrial gases in nine series including oxygen, nitrogen, argon, neon, helium, krypton, and xenon with different specifications, and over 200 special gas products for more than 300 users, realizing excellent social and economic benefit. Today, “Wugang Brand” gases have become the well-known brands in China.
(3) Utilization of solid waste: Each year, in the home plant of WISCO, more than 8.6 million tons of solid waste will be recycled and reused comprehensively, and 100% of metallurgical residue, iron-bearing dust and sludge, coking dust and sludge, and refractory dust and sludge will be reused. Its products made of solid waste have been sold to 25 provinces in China. Currently, it is able to output 1.2 million tons of GGBFS cement, 35,000 tons of reduced iron powder, 50,000 tons of purified iron powder, 60,000 tons of hard magnetic pre-sintering materials, and the deep processing of 400,000 tons of iron-bearing dust and sludge. Each year, it can recycle about 1.3 million tons of waste steel from production and construction process, which will be reused for steel-making.


Wuhan Pingmei-WISCO Joint Coking Co., Ltd. 

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WISCO Metal Resources Co., Ltd.

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WISCO Oxygen Co., Ltd. 

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