Logistics service

During the “11th Five-year Plan”, WISCO invested and built up Zhoushan Wharf and Yangluo Wharf, expanded the wharf of industrial port, carried out the integrated reconstruction of Wuhan foreign trade wharf, and built up a number of bases for the storage, shearing and distribution of steel products, thus laying solid foundation for the growth of WISCO’s logistics industry.


Wuhan Pingmei-WISCO Joint Coking Co., Ltd. 

Address: WISCO Port Service Co., Ltd.
Postcode: 430082
Tel: 027-86894006; 027- 86522335
Fax: 027-86893818

WISCO Transportation Co., Ltd.

Address: 14, Yejin Boulevard, Qingshan District, Wuhan 
Postcode: 430080
Tel: 027-86803092

WISCO Logistics Management Co., Ltd.

Address: Mt. Tieluo, Qingshan Plant Area of WISCO, Wuhan
Postcode: 430083
Tel: 027-86898078 Fax: 027-86898078
Major Business Departments: 
Operation Management Dept. (Customer Service Center): 027-81880056
Deployment Office of Transportation Management Dept. (24-hour logistics service hotline): 027-86899886
Transportation Management Dept.: 027-86893383
Warehousing Management Dept.: 027-86898038