Related Industries

Introduction to Related Industries

Since the “11th Five-year Plan”, WISCO has, whiling promoting its competitiveness in iron and steel industries, taken full advantage of its own market, resource, technology and capital, sped up the development of related industries, and cultivated strategic emerging industries, thus basically shaping the related industrial clusters, constantly elevating its production capacity, remarkably enhancing its profitability, further promoting the income of its employees, developing new incentives for its growth, and forming the scenario featuring the mutual support and coordinated development of iron, steel and related industries. 

By keenly identifying the national industrial policies and development orientation, WISCO has explicitly proposed the development strategy of “focusing on major business and encouraging appropriate business diversity”, formulated its development plan for related industries, focused on advantageous industries with superior resources, cultivated strategic emerging industries, and determined the business focus on high technologies, deep processing of steel products, international trade, development and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, thus building up several related industries with high growth rate, excellent market competitiveness, favorable benefit and great contribution to the overall development of WISCO, supplementing the main business, realizing large-scale and specialized production and intensive operation.