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Chinese Ministry of Commerce Made the Final Verdict that Japan, South Korea and EU Dumped Electrical Steel in China
Publish Date:2016-08-03

On July 23, Chinese Ministry of Commerce released the final verdict that Japan, South Korea and EU had been dumping their oriented electrical steel to damage Chinese oriented electrical steel industry substantially, and the dumping and damage were of causal relationship.

    According to the verdict, an anti-dumping tax of 37.3%-46.3% will be levied on oriented electric steel product imported from the above mentioned countries and regions for the following 5 years from July 23, 2016 on.

    In the past 5 years, foreign steel manufacturers have been dumping their oriented silicon steel at a low price on Chinese market to damage Chinese oriented silicon steel industry badly. Therefore, China Iron and Steel Association, Electrical Steel of Chinese Society for Metals and related Chinese steel manufacturers worked together to maintain the competition order on Chinese oriented silicon steel market based on WTO rules.

    WISCO set up a specialized team to strengthen the communication with China Iron and Steel Association to win its strong support, and dispatched representatives to China Iron and Steel Association at critical times to help with preparation; to request WISCO CPPCC to submit proposal on fair trade of oriented silicon steel, and keep close attention to the progress of the proposal; to work together with brother steel manufacturer to promote anti-dumping, and realize resource sharing in world trade assistance; to promote the anti-dumping of oriented silicon steel jointly by striving for support from provincial government on the anti-dumping case acceptance, submitting related documents, and reporting the progress of the case acceptance and following requirements .      

    It is known that, the import of oriented silicon steel has been declined sharply after April 1, when the first verdict was released by Chinese Ministry of Commerce. From April to June of 2016, only 2,250 tons of oriented silicon steel was imported, decreased by 93% year on year.