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WISCO P33 Guide Rail Supporting Trial Running of Domestic Tramcar at The First Time
Publish Date:2016-08-19

Recently, WISCO “ Production-Marketing-Research ” team witnessed the openning ceremony of WISCO P33 guide rail’s first guidance to trial running for domestic tramcar at a company in Qingdao, Shandong province. The customer praised WISCO for completing P33 guide rail’s research, development and production in just 2 months and bringing delivery forward thus saving precious time for them to successfully achieve domestic tramcar manufacturing and trial running.

    It is said that both tramcars which are very few in number in domestic market at present and supporting guide rails are made and provided by foreign companies. In order to speed up the construction of urban transportation network, China is stepping up the research, development and production of the tramcar. WISCO P33 guide rail is mainly used to guiding direction for such kind of rubber-wheel tramcar. There is no other producer for P33 guide rail because of its special rail shape and low market demand.

    At the beginning of this year, WISCO got information that customer are in urgent need of P33 guide rail and there is no domestic manufacturers. Therefor, WISCO actively response the user and keep close cooperation with the user to set up a production, marketing and research team and production technician to begin a series of research activities such as roll pass and roll guide design of new type rail, purchase and production commissioning of the roll and roll guides and roll pass optimization.

    In preparation period of trial production of P33 guide rail, WISCO Heavy Section Plant overcame those disadvantages such as short period for order preparation of roll and roll guides and great difficulties in roll pass design and optimization; The plant also tackled P33 guide rail “runnig off” problem at the roll pass, roll guide and rolling line and difficulties in hot printing during the trial rolling. Finally, the plant successfully finish the first order from the customer in advance in accordance with the requirements higher than ‘railway standards”.