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“Embracing the Blue Sky” Officially Launched by WISCO
Publish Date:2016-06-03

As the World Environment Day--“June 5th” approached, the environmental control projects for the raw material area of the Sintering Plant of WSPC, the stockyard and the coal yard of the Industial Port and the storage yard of No. 4 Sintering Area are now under construction preparation, which signifies the official launch of “The Action of Embracing the Blue sky” with the investment of 500 million yuan by WISCO.

    On May 11th, the National Environment Department issued the theme of this year’s Environmental Day----Improving the Environmental Quality, Promoting Green Development, which aimed at leading the society to focus on the harmonious coexistence between man and nature and also the green development theory, and advocated us starting from the trivial things around and finally commonly performing the environmental responsibilities.

    WISCO has unswervingly adhered to the green development and continuously tried all its efforts to improve the environment quality. The current environment situation of WISCO is up to its best level. In order to further improve the environment quality, WISCO proposed a new target of further 40% reduction of the dust emission so as to greatly improve the environment quality of the plant area under the precondition of the fulfillment of the pollution reduction task by the government. For this purpose, WISCO has made a “embracing the blue sky plan” so as to have the “WISCO Blue” be there all the time.

    This year WISCO plans to invest another 500 million yuan into 24 environment innovation projects of this “Embracing the blue sky plan” except the environment fund of 5.8 billion yuan during WISCO’s twelfth five year period. Among which, about 110 million yuan will be invested into the environmental control projects for the raw material area of the Sintering Plant of WSPC, the stockyard and the coal yard of the Industial Port and the storage yard of No. 4 Sintering Area. After the completion of this project, it can greatly reduce the dust emission, further improve the periphiral air quality and cut down our dust discharging cost, thus pushing WISCO’s green development to a new step. Meanwhile, our specialized department has dispatched engineers to find the environmental weakpoints, make a comprehensive improvement on the production process for steel and timely upgrade the environment protection equipment at the Sintering Plant and the Iron-making Plant, thus resulting in a reduction of 15.5% of dust reduction on year. Moreover, the environmental testing points has been perfected and a new on-line environmental monitoring system been added, thus promoting a stable total polution emission that can meet the emission standard.

    In the new round of “green WISCIO plan”, based on the production situation of our company, WISCO has put forward following seven measures: opting out part of our productivity; implementing key environmental control projects; strengthening atmospheric emission treatment; enhancing the energy saving control to promote emission reduction; strengthening the environment monitoring assessment; strenghening accountability; strenghening early warning and emergency response for environment; and increasing the disclosure of environmental information and employees participation. And the standard and procedure of environmenal protection control has also been defined again. In the meantime, WISCO will hold a series of education and training courses to call for every WISCO employee to be an environmentally-friendly demonstrator, an advocate for “green WISCO” and a supervisor who will stand out for inproper environmental behavior, finally realizing the fully upgrade for WISCO’s Green Development.