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The Fingerprint Resistant Galvanized Sheet by WISCO Has Reached the International Advanced Level
Publish Date:2016-06-17

Recently, the program of “Research & Development of Deep Drawing Fingerprint Resistant Galvanized Sheet for LCD Module” by WISCO has passed the science and technology achievement appraisal organized by Hubei Science and Technology Department. After careful review of related report, experts from scientific research institutions and brother mills highly praised the development level and application effect of the product and agreed that the fingerprint resistant galvanized sheet by WISCO had reached the international advanced level. 

    Optoelectronics industry is one of the pillar industries advocated by the nation. In 2015, 140,000,000 flat panel televisions were produced, and 26% of LCD panels were produced in China, however, the core part of LCD module, galvanized fingerprint resistant product, relied on import badly. The fingerprint resistant steel is a kind of high quality galvanized product for the complicated manufacturing technology, rigorous requirement to application environment and to surface quality and specification accuracy. 

    Through independent development and technology integration, WISCO tackled the key technical difficulty and developed the fingerprint resistant galvanized sheet successfully. Because of its excellent performance in formability, fingerprint resistance, corrosion resistance and film conductivity, it has been used in a number of LCD module manufacturers to replace the expensive imported product, creating remarkable economical and social benefit.