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Transportation of Imported Iron Ore of WISCO without Port Constraint
Publish Date:2016-07-08

Currently, ultra large ore sand cargo vessel with 300,000-ton scale—Zhong Hai Cai Hua slowly sailed into Zhoushan Wugang Dock (WISCO Group) guided by the pilot in Zhoushan Pilot Station; and sucessfully berthed alongside under the assistance of five tugboats.

    This overseas vessel with 300,000 tons of iron ores has ever been the largest actual deadweight vessel berthing alongside Zhoushan Wugang Dock since it was put into use. This significant milestone marks WISCO can cope with loading and unloading imported iron ore in the logisitics transportation; and get rid of the constraint of other ports. Furthermore, Zhoushan Wugang Dock reaches out to broader market in terms of unloading overseas vessels.   

    Large-scale ocean-going vessels are the mainstream. To fulfil the annual goal of production and operation and reach out to abundant cargo resource, Zhoushan Wugang Dock has long been focusing on the sucessufl unloading of ultra large ore sand cargo vessel with 300,000-ton scale leased by WISCO in long term. WISCO International Economic & Trading Co. Ltd. rescheduled the port plans timely and kept in close touch with customs and overseas vessel for customs declaration and inspection, exerting its utmost efforts to support the berthing. Furthermore, WISCO Logistics Company and Zhoushan Wugang Dock had proactive interaction with Port and Channel Bureau and Pilot Station in Zhoushan and convened arrangement meeting for winning the governmental support to ensure the safe berthing and passing in and out of channel.